About Me

Sparkling eyes, soft lips and round face

Hi friends!

Jhilmal has pretty eyes soft features and great she looks awesome and loves to hang out at the beach she is quite incredible and she loves to have fun she is a creative artist who loves to beat around the bush and she has sensuous features which are delicate and they are so awesome that they can take you to heights of pleasure and passion she is very sweet and charming she is a lady with great potential for romance and friendship you would love to go out with her and she is so persuasive that she can make you do anything she loves festivals and cherishes each moment you spend with her she is very educated and possesses great skills she has a great sense of humour she loves to spend quality time with the people she meets she has sparkling eyes, soft lips and round face.

She is an artistic and creative original person she loves to charm the people she meets and she is a great cook who loves to impress everyone on the table she has the most gorgeous smile and the eyes to die for she works as Mumbai Escort she cranes after men and she has the most seductive moves on the dance floor she loves to paint and she can be a darling and sweetheart meet her for wild passion she will take your desires to greater heights she is the prettiest woman you can ever meet she loves to do everything herself rather than asking people to do things for her she likes to eat scrabled eggs and drinking juice and wine. She is a bike lover and also has one car she likes to go out with her friends who are very close to her heart.

Jhilmal’s childhood and education

Jhilmal had an incredible childhood and loved studying English and Geography she loved her teachers and her parents were always proud of her she always got great marks and loved to get her result and give exams she loves to eat toffees and chocolates she has an appetite for great sex and loves to still study she went to college in US and enjoyed her time there she was quite impressive and fragile as a child she liked to study a lot and took interest in knowing and learning languages like Spanish, French and German and her teachers were always impressed with her she liked to eat mangoes as a child she loved to do her homework in the company of her mother and father. Jhilmal’s childhood and education.

When she was in 6th, she got 87 marks in English and was very happy with it this made her decide to do better and harder she made it a promise to herself and her mother to do far better always she liked telling everyone about the marks she gets her school had a big playground she studied in Alment High School in Mumbai and loved playing football there She now works as an Independent Mumbai Call Girl she spent most of her childhood living with her parents but for a short while lived with her relatives as well she was a wonderful students and still stays in touch with her friends from childhood she loves to reminiscent about her childhood and college days she studied Philosophy in college and did her graduation in it.

Know more about her

Her desires are very high now as she is a very young woman who loves to enjoy casual sex with young boys and she dreams of the most good looking boys who can be very crazy about her she loves to hang out with new people and meeting them for lunch or a dinner date she has no qualms about enjoying a night with new hot young boys she is very hot and treats all of her clients with admiration and respect she works as a model and also designs clothes for herself and her friends her hobbies are painting and singing yes she really sings with her friends one of whom plays guitar when she is around so she starts singing she has a tennis racquet as well but never made it to the tennis court. Know more about her. She is a celebrated beauty in the town of Mumbai and people recognize her because of her music videos and she loves to sing the songs of her videos she looks very elegant and pretty she is a very energetic and lively person she is enchanting and she is a creative lady who can make any heart melt she likes massages with ayurvedic oils and likes to be the person her parents wanted her to be she is a very enigmatic and enchanting person who loves to be adored and loved she is a most glorious young woman who is into sports and culture she likes to travel to foreign destinations she loves to have strawberries and the color yellow she loves the jewelry which is made with rose gold and she loves silver jewelry as well.

Jhilmal’s secrets and dating stories

Any secrets? We asked her and she said there are two one is that she is afraid of the dark and the second is that she is single right now is that a joke or what she said it’s no joke she has had boyfriends in the past and one of them was Sam from Australia who was quite a gentleman she left him because she didn’t want any long distance relationships and she loves beaches but has no time to go to Australia she loves to stay in India close to her family and friends she has an enormous desire to visit all beaches of the world but she feels they will be too many to visit in one lifetime she craves attention she likes to have new romantic alliances every day with different men than having one guy consistently. Those were Jhilmal’s secrets and dating stories.

Jhilmal works for Mumbai Escort Services. She is a very independent girl who loves to talk about her dates one of which was in a grand hotel in Mumbai itself she has fond memories of it and likes to recall that she had a great date there with a boy called Peru who was very tall and handsome she liked to treat him with utmost desire and connection was made very easily with him she loved to talk to him and teach him many things like fishing and tying shoe laces she likes kites and she loves to tell how many men she has dated and what times she had with them. She loved both of these boys but had to leave them for one reason or another.

Kissing her is like being in heaven

Getting to know her is one thing and kissing her is like being in heaven know her and you will be delighted kiss her and you will be enchanted make love with her and you will forget everything else in the world she is a most cherished beauty who loves being kissed and she has a unique taste in men she has big lips and they are very soft thus if you kiss her you will feel like you have roses with you as they feel like roses her kissing is quite creative and lovely she likes to kiss a lot and her character is unmatched she will close her eyes if you want her to and keep them open if you so like she loves getting to know new people she takes kissing to another level.

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