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Ritika meets a naughty man

Hi Sweetheart!

I was getting ready in the morning when I got this call for my services and I talked very sexy I loved his voice he told me he wants me with him for a few days he was staying near me so I decided to go to this 5 star hotel I love being an Independent Call Girls in Goregaon I already knew the hotel as I had been there a few times before the room was on 17th floor and I reached him very quickly before entering his room I retouched my lipstick and mascara he saw me and felt that I am the prettiest girl he has ever seen I told him I have urges which need to be satisfied he complimented my blonde hair he asked me to come in my hair has brown streaks and he loved that I made myself comfortable in the room I sat on his bed and covered myself in the blanket it was a red colored blanket which was very comfortable. Ritika meets a naughty man.

I glared into his eyes and he smiled at me he told me he would like to see me without all this make up and asked me what I would like to have I told him I want some hot ginger green tea and he wanted to have cold coffee so we ordered both of them and started chatting then he came close and held my face in his hand he found me to be very beautiful he told me I am an exotic beauty in his eyes he was mesmerized by my looks and he kept staring at me then he held my soft hands and caressed them for a while then the boy knocked and we got our tea and coffee I drank my tea very quickly but he sipped his in some time I told him I wanted to have some fun with him so can he finish quickly he felt that I am a lovely beauty with great manners he was rather impressed by me and the way I carry myself.

Swati seduced a naughty boy

I am a very horny and wild woman who loved to live with her family before moving to a pg to live independently and work as an escort now I am a confident girl living life on her own terms away from family restrictions and now I work as Escorts in Goregaon I have no inhibitions when it comes to sex and wild dirty nights I am a loving and gentle woman who enjoys being with a hot boy and cherishes the person I am with I like to have lots of passionate lovemaking I met a boy who was so much into me that he would not let me go home I met him on a hot night I was walking with an ice cream in hand when he called me and I reached him at his hotel he felt quite horny and full of desire when he saw me at the hotel entrance I found it to be a gesture of a gentleman that he came at the door to take me to his room he said I can get comfortable first and have any shakes I want to have I asked if he could take me to the bar as I would like to have a beer first. Swati seduced a naughty boy.

He said he does not like drunken sex and would love to have some tea or shakes with me instead I insisted on a bar so we went to one and I had a light beer while he had a strong one I told him it would be even more fun now that we have had beer I felt that I am thirsty after that so I consumed lots of water and asked him also to quench his thirst and stay hydrated after that we got some chocolates and we found that the couple behind us is from US they looked very good so we chatted to them before going upstairs then we went and had wild sex I was on top of him he much enjoyed being with me and told me he would like to see me again and again we lay in bed together for hours before I had to go home he thanked me for everything and asked me when he would get to see me again I told him I am available for him anytime he wants.

Aditi spent her most notorious night

I am a beautiful independent woman who loves to have sparkling wine and great food I find many cuisines interesting recently I met a boy from Italy who invited me to stay with him for 2 days I wore the best dress I had which was a short pink dress he loved the blue liquid eyeliner I wore I found out that he loves to have pasta and pizza as he is from Italy so I picked them up on my way I provide Escort Services in Goregaon and reached him he was in his car near his hotel and he asked me to come in we went for a drive around the town and soon after he placed his hand on me when we were in the car still then he asked me my name and general things about me I kissed him he felt something in his pants he let me know I touched him where his zip was he told me he finds me to be very sultry and sexy he loved the music I played and did not want to get out of the car so I suggested we go somewhere where no one can see us we enjoyed the breeze that was blowing and my hair looked gorgeous in the moonlight.

We went to a night club post that as both of us love to dance he liked my dancing a lot and asked me if I have been dancing for many years and I told him that I am a practiced dancer of salsa and my mother taught me how to dance when I was 4 I have been dancing since then I told him I love white flowers and being in this club is making me feel incredible but can we go and get some food now he said we can go and eat but only on one condition that I would stay with him and not sleep tonight I said I have no problem in it he loved that I am a vegetarian and spoke to me about his hobbies and dreams then we went to a restaurant for some hot food after that he asked if we would like to go to his hotel so I said yes and we went to the car and reached the hotel and got into the blanket.

Jenny gets to know a happy boy

I meet boys who find me wild and stunning in bed and love to spend time with me I met one such boy who was quite impressed by the way I dress and loved my beautiful face he is a handsome boy who called me late at night and felt that I am the most beautiful girl he has ever seen he told me I am sensational and gregarious he has been staying in India for 4 years he was born in Spain and grew up there only he told me everything about himself we stayed up all night having energy drinks and cookies that he had recently bought from a supermarket he touched my belly and found my skin to be soft as silk I am a pretty gorgeous lady is what he felt he told me he loves the life he lives and spends a lot of time dancing and hanging out with friends I told him I like to relax and just listen to music.

He asked me to stay up and for me to tell something about myself so I told him how it feels to work in this industry I found it to be a great day though we had stayed up at night so I thought about how we would travel today he wanted to take a tour around the city and also shop I knew it would take some time to reach the shopping places and even if we get a cab we would still be required to walk quite a bit we went to many shops he found shirts and watches for him I selected many of them then we went into a shoe shop and he tried many shoes then we asked what material the ones he liked are made of he loved red suede shoes he bought some fur clothes for me he found all this to be tiring so we went back to the room and relaxed in a bath tub he fed me some grapes and peaches and said he is very happy with everything we have bought.

Freida talks about running into the same man

I love being a caring woman who pleases men and satisfies their needs they call me and come to me in big cars and we stay in grand hotel rooms I love to make my client very happy long ago I met a man from Dubai who was very fair and loved to talk to me he told me I am very special to him now I ran into him and he said he had lost my number and that he still finds me to be the best girl he has met he loves to be with me and we went to a café to have coffee together he got choco rocks and I got a latte he talked about having a big business that he has to get back to but I said I want him to stay here with me so we can have many fun times together I choose this profession and I love what I do I told him he felt he has never enjoyed anyone’s company so much. .

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