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Alexandra had a chance encounter

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Hi darling!

I would like to tell you about a chance meeting I had with a hot man who saw me on the street and asked me to join him I got into his car he lit his cigar and asked me to have one as well afterwards both of us had mints and we kissed he offered me some chocolates and I quickly finished them I saw the packaging and found that they do not have much calories so I kept having them until they were finished I asked him to drop me home but he asked me if I would like to go to a disco with him and I said yes you will understand from this that I am a very romantic girl whom you just cannot miss you must meet me to have fun if you need a girl with you I am the woman you should find let me tell you how I felt with this man and how he felt with me I found his company to be rather pleasing and he told me he is having the time of his life we felt like we are in heaven and kept touching each other we enjoyed with each other greatly he told me he is into music and loves to play the guitar. Alexandra had a chance encounter.

He took me to the disco and I danced to the music that was there he kept his arms around me and he told me he loved to be with me he found my teeth to be very pretty and I loved the atmosphere that was there with all the nights then we went to a bar and had some drinks I had vodka and he had rum I watched people there who were romancing each other and I also felt very naughty with great desire these people were from different places I spoke to some of them and they told me how they make love it made both of us feel horny so we got back to the car for some wild sex and exciting crazy lovemaking both of us enjoyed the time we had together.

Tracy lives her unique adventurous life

I am going to tell you very personal details about my life I like to live life queen size my life is very big and it is very unique it is not like other escort girls when I meet a boy or a man I like to get very close to them and I stop at nothing to make things work with them I am among the top Escorts in Andheri I satisfy my clients completely and their interests are my priority I love to be very close to men and take great interest in their likes and dislikes I go to hot young men who are wild and passionate as soon as they see me they feel very romantic and hot I find them to be a gentleman who treat me very nicely they tell me how amazing I make them feel how I make their lives worth living they feel quite incredible being with me I reach these boys at evening and like to spend the night with them under a sheet or blanket but before that I like to eat a lot I like to have pastries and energy drinks before anything starts and tell about myself and also get to know about the other person.

My life is different from other escorts in the sense that they just meet one boy after another and forget them I like to stay in touch with the men I meet although first I ask the man if he would like to stay in touch only then I stay in touch with the men I get to visit I am very professional and I am very friendly with everyone I meet I love being with hot boys who are as wild as I am though I like to open up and ask them to open up as well I am a very original person and from me you will hear what you have never heard before I am a very real person who speaks very fluently and impressively I am a soft woman who goes by her own rules only I don’t ask anyone what to do in my life and I live very confidently I decide everything in my life I meet boys and men only in grand hotels and I do not say yes to everyone who calls me I deal with everything myself and I always look gorgeous and very pretty.

Ava entails her meet up with a boy

I would be pleased to tell you an account of an experience I had with a kind young man I met in winter it was a very cold night and I felt very excited to get this call from a boy in his 20s he was very fluent in English and spoke with much ease and politeness he was very affectionate and I wore my red lipstick and dressed up for a romantic and sensual evening and looked forward to a wild night filled with soft touches and caresses I told him to pick me up and he came on time it was very cold and that’s the reason we decided to go straight to a hotel rather than stray outside he felt very happy to see me we kept talking on the way and he had toffees with him which were very sweet I did not eat many only one because I wanted to keep talking to him I like to keep my clients very happy with me and that is why I talk to them and ask their likes and interests and act accordingly so I asked him what music he likes if he likes to read what kind of women he prefers and thus when we reached the hotel I played the music he likes and we ordered the food he likes I much enjoyed all this time that we had together and asked him if he is also enjoying he said there is something missing so we went to the terrace and looked at the stars and the moon.

It was a very starry night as there were many stars we counted them and talked more about our lives he asked me if I meet boys often and how often I meet them told him I meet them very often but every man is very special to me and I try to feel close to the person I am with and that he can ask me anything about what he has said and told me he found me to be a very charming and exciting woman there was lots of wind and air I felt very sultry I whispered in his ear that I was feeling very hot and sexy I said I was wet so he picked me up and took me to his bed he started to caress and touch my skin and silky hair which was very sensual I felt quite sultry and exotic I told him how he made me feel and asked him what he wants he found me to be very glamorous and told me he loves my satin night dress.

Ashley and her rendezvous with a nice man

I am a classic beauty who loves to open up to strangers and no one stays a stranger to me for long I spend my days shopping and taking care of my health and skin my nights are spent with naughty men having a romp with a young boy is something I enjoy it happens almost every night for me or I go to grand hotels and have adventurous nights with pleasing men who like to fulfil my sexual needs and in return I fulfill his needs one such night I met a romantic boy who was very much into me I felt equally passionate and I wore my gold sequined dress I loved having him with me he called me up to his hotel and he had white wine with him he told me he loved my dress but said that he wants to see me out of it I said I love to tease and it is something he would enjoy he watched as I slowly removed it and he liked my lace lingerie he found me to be a scintillating woman who is most pleasurable and he loved my facial features.

This man was brilliant and found out that I have manners and etiquettes he loved me for my smile and said that I was perfect he loved everything about me I said I wanted to stay with him and then I kissed him and softly caressed his hair he touched my hand and I told him I feel like electric currents are running through my body I Ashley and her rendezvous with a nice man I work among Independent Call Girls in Andheri I am a very flexible person both in terms of timing and my body as well I told him he joked that he is only interested in the timing flexibility and not in my body I said I can leave my body home and he can just have the time flexibility he felt that it’s necessary to have some jokes in life and not sexual fun with a pretty girl but also some talk and laughter.

Avril is the perfect escort

I would ask you to choose everything from my dress hair make up to my shoes is it a headache no it is rather fun you see what you want I have lingerie in all colors and I have dresses in all colors as well you see me in what you like when you call me for my Escort Services in Andheri I would ask what you want to see me in you see the color you like I promise you see only what you love you need to tell me what your choices are so you get what you want it would not feel like you are meeting me for the first time but rather like you already know me I would capture your heart and satisfy your mind and body like no other woman will I would enrich your soul and pleasure your body and senses to the fullest you will keep coming back to me the night you spend with me will be your best night ever. Avril is the perfect escort. .

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